[5 year old me watching the parent trap] how they do that

[20 year old me watching orphan black] how they do that

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Where can one find a pug rug?


Where can one find a pug rug?

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"hey aren’t you too old for Poké…”


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au meme: westeros’s celebs -aka asoiaf characters-  read mean tweets (ps: all tweets are real)

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Running into closeted homosexuals from high school at the gay club


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friends who like and play the same games as you but on a different platform



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one day i will stop reblogging this gifset

today is not that day

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stop falling for corporations’ exploitation of the queer rights movement….burger king isn’t wrapping burgers in rainbow paper to show support for us they’re doing it to make money. don’t let our movement turn into another part of capitalism

Friendly reminder.

Ok, wait. With all due respect, I don’t fully agree with this demonization of these corporations’ support of queer rights. First of all, Burger King is donating sales of their “Pride Whopper” to the McLamore Foundation for LGBT scholarships. Sure, BK wants to increase  profits (as does any business) but that means an x amount of dollars that the Family Equality Council didn’t have before. OH yeah, did I mention that they are donating ALL proceeds from the sale of this burger?

Also, the wrapping for the whopper says “We are all the same inside,” which I think is a good visual point for those who may not be all for queer rights.

And seriously, at least these corporations aren’t going the Chick Fil A route. I’m sorry, but I’ll accept any kind of support, even if it is the company just trying to buff their profits.

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clone smiles

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